Thursday, October 28, 2010

How to Download the latest version of Adobe Reader 9.4

In the past several years, the PDF file had been significantly used for any other purpose especially for electronic document sharing file documents more simple and looks attractive. The common software of opening ll PDF documents is called "Adobe Reader" which means that enable software to search, view document file with proper used, print as well. Currently, most people know that this software is extremely useful which not only to view any PDF file documents but also able to collaborate on any other Adobe PDF files. The Adobe Reader released a new version 9.4.0 and this software is absolutely a freeware to be downloaded by everyone. Moreover, using the Highlight Feature in Adobe reader 9 can helps organize notes and makes it easier to find important information.

In addition, if you are downloading Adobe Reader 9 is also includes Adobe Acrobat which an exciting new set of online services from Adobe. With Acrobat, you can definitely create PDF files online; create and coauthor documents and control who has access to them; and even embed a rich, interactive preview of your document in a web page. That is why both Adobe Reader and Acrobat becomes one powerful packages. The reason why you must upgrade into the Adobe Reader 9.4.0 because there provide richer content than prior version including New Features. 

With adds much new functionality the Adobe Reader will enhance end user experience. Some new features are obviously showed below:

PDF portfolios

Packages, introduced in Adobe Reader 9, have been greatly enhanced and renamed. Portfolios provide easy navigation when you work with multiple PDF documents and other document types. They also enable you to work with a collection of materials such as drawings, e-mail messages, spreadsheets and videos as a single file, which makes distribution, storage, retrieval and collaboration easy for end users. getting more detail creating and editing PDF portfolio Here

Native Adobe Flash Support and Improved launch speeds

Adobe Reader 9 can natively display rich media content, which you will notice immediately with portfolios. Interested in viewing SWF and FLV files? Adobe Reader 9 is the answer. Looking for faster launch speeds? Adobe has enhanced general performance and, in particular, has reduced launch times with Adobe reader 9. Try it: you will notice the difference.

Improved CAD and goespatial functionality

CAD and goespatial functionality have been greatly enhanced in Adobe reader 9. For instance, CAD designs or geospatial maps that have been converted to PDF offer Adobe Reader users access to CAD features such as dimensions or map features.

PDF Standards Pane as Great as MUI

When a PDF/A or PDF/X standard compliant file is opened, a standards Pane appears and provides important file details and MUI is Adobe's Multilingual user interface version. This product is capable of installing any combination of supported languages. Means that The user interface changes to the appropriate language on the fly

Security enhancements and Accessibility enhancements

Adobe Reader 9 provides new igital signature functionlity for an improved user experience. The new version also adds support for 256-bit AES encryption. On other hand, providing greater screen reader is also supported.


Moreover, the Adobe Reader 9.4 can be downloaded on operating systems like Windows, Linux, Mac as well as Solaris. As we know that some of you may get confuse in how to download Adobe reader succesfully. By following some simple steps below, you will be able to download on Windows version without any difficulty problem. For installation guides Linux and Mac please click Here.

1. Make sure you cover these requirements:
  • Intel 1.3 GHz processor or equivalent
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 with service pack 4; Windows serer 2003, 2008 and 2008 R2; Windows XP professional, Home Edition, or Tablet PC Edition with service Pack 3 (32-bit and 64-bit), Windows Vista Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, Ultimate or Enterprise with service pack 2
  • 128MB or RAM (256MB recommended)
  • 335MB of available hard-disk space
  • Microsoft Internat Eplore 6.0, Firefox 3.0, 3.5 or 3.6
2. Next,  the speed of your connection is one of important part for determining in completing the download software smootly. If you are ready then, click download (see Download icon on the bottom last page) and follow the instruction information guides that has been given to you.
3. A message window asks if you really want to install this add-on. You want to instll it. This may take a couple of minute until the bar is complate.

4. After the installation has finished. You can close this window.

5. Now, Adobe reader 9 has been downloaded and installed on your computer's hard drive. You will see a new icon on your destop. From now on, you will be able to open PDF-files.

6. If you are facing ny problem, please refer to Adobe Reader Forum to ask question and discuss some matter.

Overall, dont miss of downloading the latest Adobe Reader 9.4.0, now is available CATCH IT.


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