Thursday, November 4, 2010

Get the Latest Download Defraggler 2.0.221 Beta

One of the important software tools that everyone must have is Defraggler (belong to piriform company), means the Defraggler helps computer users who feel their system is running too slow. Moreover, the best thing from this software is display shows users how much memory is available on their computers and also performs a search to show exactly how many files are fragmented in the entire computer.

Another improvement would be looks more interactive on drive map which displays blocks that are empty, defragmented or needs defragmentation as well. Aside from that, allow you to defrag not only an entire drive but also lets you specify one or more files, it is quite different from any other defragment tools because Defraggler was supported by both NTFS and FAT32, not like others which may support entire hard drive only.Basically, the way how you defrag actually has the same techniques on windows uses. That is why this a simple program  to be used by everyone. Defragmenting definitely make work easier and faster for the computer. Furthermore, orginizes empty disk space will help you to prevent of fragmentation. It is recommended that you are better to defrag your hard drive daily, weekly or even montly for rarely use to avoide any fragmentation and keep computer running smootly. On the other hand, the Defraggler also offers a scheduler to automatically run the program.

For example, Defraggler will show you all your fragmented files. You can click one to see where on the disk its various pieces lie, or defragment just that one. This can be useful when dealing with very large, performance critical files such as databases. Defraggler is easy to understand and performs its job well. There is a strange chart along the top that seems to move for no real reason and is best ignored, but is only a minor annoyance. In addition, be prepared for a long wait time. Defragmenting a computer can take dozens of minutes. Still, if you want to improve computer performance, this is a great place to start.

Some of useful additional features are now availabe like:  
  • Internal library updates.
  • 64-bit compiler optimizations.
  • Fixed the flicker on the main window tabs.
  • Changed internal links to
  • Improvements to translations.interactive drive map, quickdefrag, full windows OS and multi-langual support as well as safe and secure.
Please refer to Here for detail Defrag features explanation.

  1. Firstable, what you need to do is any Windows operating system such as Microsoft Windows 7, Vista and XP. Including both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.
  2. Secondly, you must have at least 2.03MB empty space.
  3. Thridly, Click Download icon (is located on the last page), after the download is complate,then install the program for Vista please click continue or the program will not install correctly.
  4.  Run the program and then simply select the drive and press the analyze button to get started.
  5. When the analysis is finished it will display a visual drive map and a list of the fragmented files.
  6. Selecting files from the file list will hightlight them on the drive map. You can then defrag them by checking them and clicking the defrag button.
  7. lastly, once the defrag is complate, the file list will be updated and you can definitely select additional files or analyze another drive too.
For more information please refer to eHow Instruction Guides


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