Thursday, December 2, 2010

Compress The File With WinZip 15.0.9327

Many others compression file software are available to be downloaded by user. One another the most popular software compression is WinZip, this software is widely used due to friendly use and also offers the comprehensive, productivity enhancing approach. Moreover, user is not only definitely securely zip and unzip their files but also speed up e-mail transmission and reduce download times. With WinZip software, you can do some utility like file compression, file sharing, file encryption and back up data. The latest version WinZip 15.0.9327 is now available to be download by everyone as well as many improvement in some new features that make the software faster, smarter and safer.


Increased Zipping performance, performance of architecture provides a plug-in framework for major enhancements in file compression and encryption. Taking advantage of multi-core processors and multi-threaded support, this Zip engine creates Zipx files 30% to 50% faster than the previous version. For standard Zip files up to 25% faster.

Furthermore, Usability Breakthrough also has improvement which show evolutions in file compression and file sharing with its groundbreaking desktop gadget as well as user interface design. This innovation tool is your express portal for key zipping tasks. Now yo can zip, unzip and email files without opening the WinZip application-simple drag files onto the appropriate WinZip desktop gadget tab for instant compression, decompression and email capabilities.

In addition, Enhanced file sharing means that with a few easy clicks, WinZip 15 lets you zip and encrypt a set of files as an email attachment, compress an accompanying message and send the email instanltt. Webmail support now included in all WinZip email functionality to provide maximum utility and flexibility. Some of webmail services such as Yahoo mail, Gmail, Hotmail is supported by WinZip. Mostly, Zipping speed depends on the types, sizes and content of files being zipped as well as processor type, processor speed, number of processor cores and number of processors being used. To find more detail new features just read Here.

  1. First, basic requirement to install WinZip 15 that you must integrates with Microsoft XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and need 19.05 MB empty space to download smoothly. If you use Windows system and for some Mac requirements please refer to Here.
  2. Next step, Click download icon below to get WinZip download software. After that, start installing program by double click, internet explorer may ask you to confirm your action by displaying a security warning. Select Run to begin installation. Before that, you are given the option of choosing the location of the installation.
  3. Click next to continue, you will be then be presented with a licensing agreement to which you must agree for the installation to proceed. Click the yes button.
  4. The next screen presented gives the option for mode of operation. You can either choose classic or Wizard. Here the Classic mode of installation is chosen, now you are given the choice of type of setup to undertake. For most users, the "Express setup" option is the best choice and is the one chosen here.
  5. Installation may take a couple of time in order to complete. Finally, WinZip icon will automatically appear on your destop and ready to be used.
  6. There have some video tutorial in how to compress a file or folder: Video 1, Video 2, Video 3. Hope these instruction guides can help you. Good Luck



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