Saturday, December 4, 2010

Experience New Features With Windows Media Player 11

It goes without saying that, common activities like listening the music, watching video have becoming part of people life at this moment. It is obviously releaf your stressfull activity on your job and as people know windows media player is always becoming part of windows system. Basically, this software offers some best experience on getting music and video by copying song from CDs to your computer, orginize your collection by creating your own customized playlist, take music and video anywhere with burn your own customize CDs as well as personalize the player such as skins, visualizations and plug-ins. Moreover, windows media player still retains it's well knows interface and usage when it comes to creating and managing play lists. The application will also keep your song data up to date downloading the latest information from the web as you add new music yo your collection. Currently, the new release version on windows media player 11 has very different look to earlier versions because the new GUI has been designed with the windows vista appearance very much in mind.


A tree style file directory makes it easy to find the music you want quickly and a simple search box gets you where you want to go immediately. A five star rating system also lets you rate your music, then orginize it by rating. So it is easy to group your favourit songs. To make WMP 11 minimize on your toolbar Watch here

WMP 11 has the ability to sign up with paid music and video services. Without registering you are able to browse varieties site and compare prices among services including XM radio and this time Windows Media Player 11 still continue to support minimising to the familiar compacted version with the basic controls available. Furthermore, you may notice that products interface has been completely overhauled, though it is still familiar enough to negate a lengthy learning curve.

WMP 11 is available in classic menu and you can also trigger it by hitting the ALT key which is how such menus are triggered in various windows vista applications and windows. Another improvement is having a better music library means that WMP 11 employs the stacks shell construct from windows vista to visually show when a container includes multiple items, this interface is both effective and immediately obvious.

Enhance video and photo integration which is if you choose pictures, video from the categories button, the media library and navigation pane views will switch to show options that are applicable to the chosen media type. Some others enhancement include network sharing (share media library with other PCs and devices like Xbox 360 on your home network), Access to online music services is capable to be done.

  1. To begin with, Check your operating system whether you are following some requirements or not. WMP 11 can run with Windows XP, Vista, 7 so please make sure you have one of these operating system and need at least 24.56 MB empty space as well as high speed connection to make installation run smootly.
  2. Next, Start downloading WMP 11 which is located below, then it will bring you to Ziddu, please click yes to download.
  3. Now, find the location that has been downloaded and Click to run installation process. You need to choose validate in order microsoft checking if the copy of Windows XP or Vista is legit and has valit product key.
  4. Read the agreement that you should follow with all condition, then Clik I Accept. It will take a few minutes to complete installation process.
  5. Finally, there have two choice between Express settings (recommended) and Custom settings. Click finish, all media files in your "My music, My video, My pictures folders" will be automatically added to your library. Windows Media Player 11 appear on your desktop now. Watch Video Tutorial   
  6. In addition, by participate on Windows Community you can ask any problem including WMP installation as well.



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